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New CompiFont available!


New version of CompiFont has arrived on 13.08.2016! Featuring new strings, better woodwinds and brass and may other minor fixes. If you dont have the soundfont yet, check out the links and download now, in 2 smaller parts or one huge.

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About Compifont

I have seen CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth a while ago (I wonder if it was a year ago or more) and i felt kinda nostalgic about all the MIDI... but I also realised that all the GM soundfonts just doesn't seem to fit my ear. I decided to create my own GM .SF2. Something made out of precisely picked out samples out of every single SF2 file that I will stumble upon.

I've made some research on how to make one, found out a program to do it: Viena by Synthfont, many thanks for that... and spent quite some time on it. And this is it. This is what was born after months of work, listening, tweaking and changes.


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Download it from MEGA

3 links available



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